Title:„Strachy” (odc.4)

Director: Stanisław Lenartowicz

Date of production:1979

Izabela Trojanowska
Krzysztof Chamiec
Mieczysław Hryniewicz

Studio:Studio Filmowe Iluzjon

Opis scen w filmie:

00.13.06 Performing Hall
The rehearsal of Frączek and Łabędzka is interrupted because Łabędzka falls and has spine problems. Then another rehearsal begins, which involved most of the actors of the "Golden Curtain", but the actresses refuse to participate in the rehearsal because they are drunk.

The rehearsal of Frączek with Teresa, who replaces Łabędzka. Several women sit in the auditorium and begin to laugh at Teresa, who falls down after a moment . Upset Frączek banishes the women from the auditorium, and then sends Teresa away.

The final piece of performance in front of the audience.

Another rehearsal of Frączek with Teresa. Frączek is angry with Teresa because she does not make any progress, he breaks the performance few times and points out the girl’s mistakes. Finally he leaves the scene. Zygmunt enters and tries to console Teresa. Modecki goes out, the stage is decorated and after a while a director of the theatre enters .Teresa begins to remind him that her friend committed a suicide. Fensterglass does not want to hear about it and goes out.

Final rehearsal. Frączek and Fensterglass enter and have an argument because they do not elaborate performance details . After a short time the rehearsal begins. When the manager sees Teresa, throws her out. Frączek interrupts the rehearsal and starts arguing with the director of the theatre. After a moment he calls the rehearsal off and intends to leave, but Fensterglass starts apologizing and gives Teresa role back. He assures she will continue the rehearsal.

Another performance. Zygmunt notices that Teresa takes part in it, even though she knows she is pregnant. Teresa leaves the stage excited and wants to talk to Modrecki but he is angry with her and ignores her completely.

Continuation of the performance. Modecki still ignores Teresa, she begins to apologize him, confesses her love and says she wants to have his baby. The lovers make up after a short while.

Informacje o filmie oraz opisy scen zgromadził i opracował: Dominik Tracz

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