rkotyk Kłodzko w kadrze

Title:"Jak narkotyk"

Director: Barbara Sass

Date of production:1999

Magdalena Cielecka − Anna
Andrzej Wichrowski − Ojciec Anny
Teresa Budzisz -Krzyżanowska - Matka Anny
Bartosz Opania − Piotr
Krzysztof Pieczyński − Jacek
Jerry Flynn - Keeve Gordon

Studio:Akson Studio, STI Studio filmowe

Opis scen w filmie:

00:03:36 Church Square
Anna goes out of the church and goes towards Spadzista Street.

00:03:52 St. John’s Bridge
Anna goes over St. John’s bridge from the Church of the Franciscans. In the half way she meets a girl in a white dress who sits on the stone wall on the left side facing the river. She recites aloud a poem by Anna. When Anna approaches her, the girl starts asking about her work. Outraged young poet pushes the girl in the white into the water.

00:04:55 St. John’s Bridge
Anna runs down the bridge and Wit Stwosz Street.

Braci Gierymskich Street
While running, Anna feels a sharp pain in the chest and squats.

00:36:00 The Main Station
Anna says goodbye to beloved Peter, who travels to Gdansk. When the train departed, the girl got another pain in the chest and squats. Blind Jacek approaches her.

00:42:11 Church Square
When priest Stefan wants to talk to Anna, who sits alone, She tugs at him in a rage and says that "there is no God, and if He exists, He did not create the world properly." She runs toward the street.

00:47:54 St. John’s Bridge
Anna who stands on the bridge with her hands bandaged, cries and tears into pieces a school diploma and throws it into the river. She realizes that there are only four months of her life left and she cannot study any more.

Informacje o filmie oraz opisy scen zgromadziła i opracowała: Sylwia Koszarna

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